Hello World

I wonder just how many people title their first blog post "Hello world". It must be pretty common.

Since this is my first post, and I currently have an audience of zero, I figure I might as well explain why I am starting this. If not for anyone else, then for future me. To recenter him if he gets off track. Right now, I am lacking direction and discipline. Badly. I figure a vanity project will help me focus on doing and creating things. If anyone else gets any satisfaction from reading my bumbling journey, then that's just icing.

So, my current plan, aside from starting a blog is to create. Leading ideas are to build something with Unity, Write music, Build a calendar app, or start writing a book. I honestly don't know what path I'll go down so it will be super interesting to look at this in the future. I wonder what paths I don't take.

I figure without some kind of deadline I will forget about writing for this thing, or at least convince myself that "I don't have enough to write about". I think at least to begin with I will try and challenge myself to write every single day. I wonder how long I can persist at it.


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