Fun fact, most Americans don't know what a fortnight is in terms of time.

I guess since my last and first long post was about stories I'll continue the trend. I feel like most games are bad at telling stories.

Let me go on a tangent about Australian wines. When wines were first produced in australia they tried copying the french. It was a complete failure. The types of soil and climate available to Australian growers were so drastically different that the best they could offer were inferior imitations. So they started doing things differently, and now Australia has a small award winning wine industry. Embracing unique strengths was better for them than chasing trends.

The same thing happened with movies. Initially directors stole storytelling techniques from books, but eventually they embraced cinemas own strengths rather than trying to translate the strengths of novels to the silver screen.

But the storytelling of digital games seems hung up on the strengths of cinema. Take "Mass Effect 2", one of my favorite games of all time. It's actually two games stapled together. A linear third person shooter ala "Gears of war" and a basic but well written visual novel. If you remove the visual novel parts, the game is just run down corridor, kill things, repeat. There are far more interesting visual novels out there. "Steins Gate" and "Doki-Doki Literature Club" are definitely more daring visual novels, with more impactful choices. They also do something that "Mass Effect 2" doesn't; embrace elements unique to games. Written stories have internal thought. Cinema has no trouble portraying massive battle scenes and pacing. Games have instant immersion and the ability to chose. Even linear games let you chose how to approach a situation; despite the wrong choice meaning death most of the time.

I think games are better without cutscenes. Imagine how awkward it would be to be reading a good book and all of a sudden you watch a segment from a movie. Or listening to a sweet bit of music and it cuts to a "final fantasy"-esque turn based battle sequence that you need to smash through to hear the beat drop.

That's enough for today I think.


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