So here is the promised "proper update". It's not like anything has happened, but I am trying to keep my promises. Since I have very little progress to report regarding doing things, I figure I might use this daily post to talk about one of my favorite things. Stories.

I think stories are fantastic. I also think they are important and undervalued, fictitious or not. The most common stories are the most powerful, as silly as that sounds. The obvious one is "Romeo and Juliet": star crossed lovers with the world against them. Like all great myths, it gets retold and re-skinned. In "Grease" the couple gets a happy ending, in "The Notebook" and "Titanic" only Romeo dies. Sometimes you make it a subplot instead and get "The Fall of Troy". The names change, and things get moved about but the same core is there. Real life has stories too. They're often not as exiting, and can be different stories from from different sides. Fascinating.

Sometimes I hear the term wish fulfillment heard thrown around to describe a particular kind of story featuring bland protagonists normally described as Mary Sues. While accurate, I would argue every kind of story is wish fulfillment in it's own way. Personally, I enjoy stories to experience emotion. Such as Anger, Rage, Fear, Happiness, or Curiosity. Most of the bad stories I have experienced tend to rely too much on trying to make the protagonist devoid of identifiable traits. Then make everything fall at their feet. All foes beaten, all characters liking them, They have no real weaknesses, and their actions never result in anything bad happening ever. This is limiting. You can't feel horror without a real threat. You can't feel anger without something decidedly unfair happening. I want the whole buffet of emotional range to choose from; filling up on feel-good bread is boring.

Anyway, that's enough of my structureless, unedited ramblings for today.


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