I guess it's time to write something again.

Continuing the topic of stories, I think there is a kind of storytelling that's gaining traction in games. I mean games that turn you into a storyteller. Most multiplayer games do this; A tense match can create a nail biting plot with real stakes. A tale you can regale to others. Some single player games encourage this too. Some of my fondest memories of "Skyrim" are playing it when it was released at the same time as a couple of mates and swapping stories about our different adventures.

Of course, creating a story through game play is different to having no story at all. Something some game developers fail to grasp. The game needs to be structured in a way that tells a story. Tetris lacks a story because it lacks the ability for players to make choices beyond the optimal ones. It also lacks any interesting feedback for those choices. The obvious example is "Minecraft" It lets players chose what they do, and how they do it. Tales of finding diamond or beating creepers are now embedded in contemporary childhood. Open world games in general have an easy time at this.

Today's is a bit bland, but hey, it's an update =)


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