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Staying aloof!

Fell off the wagon there. A few things to remark upon. I have a few more ideas churning in the works.


A tad late, but hopefully in time


For my number one fan.


Trains have quite strong iconography. I guess they earned it.

Proof of life!

To cement the fact that I am back here is a second post.

I am back!

Alrighty, been dark a while, but I am back. Lets get this train rolling again.

Achybreaky body!

Argh, Soreness from sickness is just frustrating.


Been ill the past few days


Salt flats are an underappreciated landscape


Awesome series!


Daily post obligation fulfilled!


Today's requested post update has now been posted.


Been sloppy lately.

Never skip day leg?




Post about food incoming.


On a short rest.


Wonderful time of the year!

Content delayed due to e3

Still arriving!

I would be done by now, but bad sleeping habits.

Under construction

Working on the next post


Update now.

The broken chain!

So I missed updating the blog yesterday. I was a tad under the weather. =(


Almost at the one month mark. Nothing interesting today.

Six by four!

I  just made delicious soup!

Twenty three

I got out of bed to make this post. I am going back to bed.

A lilly allen song!

Now this is going to be rather short, but "Kubo of the Two Strings" is a fantastic movie. Also, the director is the son of the CEO and founder of the Nike corporation and had a former career as a rapper.


No new content =(


Hopefully I made this post in time.


Obligations are hard.

Age of Majority!

I am super bad at remembering stuff I plan to do when I wake up. Plan is to write something midday, lets see if that works out.

Sweet Seventeen

Since I am quite tired and don't know when the deadline is for the date to change over on this thing I think this will be a short nothing. I shall write something proper when I wake up.


I guess it's time to write something again.

Continuing the topic of stories, I think there is a kind of storytelling that's gaining traction in games. I mean games that turn you into a storyteller. Most multiplayer games do this; A tense match can create a nail biting plot with real stakes. A tale you can regale to others. Some single player games encourage this too. Some of my fondest memories of "Skyrim" are playing it when it was released at the same time as a couple of mates and swapping stories about our different adventures.

Of course, creating a story through game play is different to having no story at all. Something some game developers fail to grasp. The game needs to be structured in a way that tells a story. Tetris lacks a story because it lacks the ability for players to make choices beyond the optimal ones. It also lacks any interesting feedback for those choices. The obvious example is "Minecraft" It lets players chose what they do, and how t…

Three hands

Guess who forgot to make a substantial post today and has two thumbs?

This guy.


Fun fact, most Americans don't know what a fortnight is in terms of time.

I guess since my last and first long post was about stories I'll continue the trend. I feel like most games are bad at telling stories.

Let me go on a tangent about Australian wines. When wines were first produced in australia they tried copying the french. It was a complete failure. The types of soil and climate available to Australian growers were so drastically different that the best they could offer were inferior imitations. So they started doing things differently, and now Australia has a small award winning wine industry. Embracing unique strengths was better for them than chasing trends.

The same thing happened with movies. Initially directors stole storytelling techniques from books, but eventually they embraced cinemas own strengths rather than trying to translate the strengths of novels to the silver screen.

But the storytelling of digital games seems hung up on the strengths of cinema. Take &…


Back to single sentence updates I am afraid; nothing went on today.



So here is the promised "proper update". It's not like anything has happened, but I am trying to keep my promises. Since I have very little progress to report regarding doing things, I figure I might use this daily post to talk about one of my favorite things. Stories.

I think stories are fantastic. I also think they are important and undervalued, fictitious or not. The most common stories are the most powerful, as silly as that sounds. The obvious one is "Romeo and Juliet": star crossed lovers with the world against them. Like all great myths, it gets retold and re-skinned. In "Grease" the couple gets a happy ending, in "The Notebook" and "Titanic" only Romeo dies. Sometimes you make it a subplot instead and get "The Fall of Troy". The names change, and things get moved about but the same core is there. Real life has stories too. They're often not as exiting, and can be different stories from from different …

Oposite of Elodd

I'll have a proper update tomorrow. Promise.

Binary 2

Lazy day.


Slow day, nothing really happened.

The colour of magic.

Day 2^3

This is going to be a small update because I am rather tired, but I did something today, I immersed myself in a story.

Barenaked ladies most popular song!

I made the one week mark today, yay me!

Today was uncharacteristically productive. I got outside the house, I followed a few c# tutorials and I started a few drafts of something that may turn into an essay or an article; I am not sure yet. While I don't have much to show for it besides a jumble of unorganized sentences in Word it feels good to do something.

Plan for tomorrow is to chip away at the document I have, see what it will turn into.


Post number six.

Just added more things to the idea notebook. Nothing exiting. I need to get something more substantial written down. That's my short term goal.

Five posted things!

I wonder when the theme naming gag will wear thin to me. Probably not any time soon; I love bad jokes.

Unfortunatly this was a rather unproductive day. I didn't really add anything to my ideas folder and I din't acomplish anything other than learning a little about how to make carbonara.Technically I also fiddled around a little with audacity, but I don't count that as progress. Still, it was a fun day, and I can always use more of those.

Then plan when I wake up is to just open a word document in Microsoft word and start writing and see where that takes me. as Hemingway said "Writing is easy, just sit at a typewriter and bleed"


Nothing really of substance yet. Added yet more ideas to my idea notepad. At this rate its going to turn into a book eventually.

I also made rice with way too much hot sauce. I guess Ill just have to try and fight through the pain.

Hat trick

I believe the sporting term for three in a row is hat trick.

The ideas folder grew a little larger. I am trying to push myself to just jump into one of the ideas at random. Eventually it will grow too big to ignore. I need to do something interesting so I just have something interesting to write about at this point.

Day Two

So I am capable of keeping short term commitments.Yay me!

I started adding things to a notepad document just labeled "ideas", that's a valid form of procrastination right? Even if none of them end up bearing fruit its nice to see my ideas typed out. Makes me feel more organized than I am. If anything else it removes the "I can't think of anything" excuse.

I imagine that as time goes on my posts will get longer, only one way to find out.

Hello World

I wonder just how many people title their first blog post "Hello world". It must be pretty common.

Since this is my first post, and I currently have an audience of zero, I figure I might as well explain why I am starting this. If not for anyone else, then for future me. To recenter him if he gets off track. Right now, I am lacking direction and discipline. Badly. I figure a vanity project will help me focus on doing and creating things. If anyone else gets any satisfaction from reading my bumbling journey, then that's just icing.

So, my current plan, aside from starting a blog is to create. Leading ideas are to build something with Unity, Write music, Build a calendar app, or start writing a book. I honestly don't know what path I'll go down so it will be super interesting to look at this in the future. I wonder what paths I don't take.

I figure without some kind of deadline I will forget about writing for this thing, or at least convince myself that "I …